AbsenceTrack live webinar - Wednesday, 18 November @ 11am

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In this 30 minute webinar, our CEO Paul Dundon will take you through the impact of COVID-19 on employee absenteeism, latest absence management trends, and how future-thinking organisations are using absence management technology to foster an engaged and productive workforce.

Absence data and predictive analytics are powerful sources of value to your business. As an HR and business leader, an efficient online absence management solution can help you get more from your data to substantially support business success, especially amid the chaos of today's world.

Find out how our industry-leading AbsenceTrack Platform can be used to:
  • Monitor and track employee absence in a standardised, centralised way;
  • Spot and monitor trends with real-time absence reporting and powerful dashboard analytics;
  • Empower managers with RTW tools and templates to proactively address absence and wellbeing issues; and
  • Leverage data driven insights to help your business better understand absence drivers and where to focus efforts.
All attendees will receive a copy of our latest 2020 Mastering Absenteeism Management Guide. Don't miss this webinar, and register today!