Using ERTrack to record and manage employee issues

Managing employee relations has never been more important, from documenting and tracking issues, to resolving the issue itself. Subscribe to ERTrack and you will receive three months free, with no upfront costs to align the software to your requirements.

As a result of the pandemic, managing employee issues has never been more challenging, from accommodations to allegations of discrimination and more.

Many businesses are struggling to manage a remote workforce, whilst others are feeling the pressure to return operations to a 'new level of normal' whilst preventing an outbreak of COVID-19.  This is the perfect mix of conditions that can create or exacerbate organisational risk.

ERTrack is a purpose-built employee relations tracking and case management technology.


By implementing ERTrack you will:

  • Transform employee relations documentation and reporting.
  • Enhance investigations with interview templates, communications tracking, decision-maker workflows, and automated best practice.
  • Develop insights into reasons behind issues of culture, policy, leadership, and more.
  • Provide drill through data analytics to discover patterns, identify trends, and proactively manage risk.
  • Gain access to live  benchmarking for measurement and comparison to industry peers.

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