7 quick tips for best practice HR case management

Authored by Lucy Rowlands

Good HR practices increase staff loyalty, decrease turnover, and reduce legal and regulatory risk. This is especially true now as the business world moves towards more remote working environments.

Keeping employees happy and productive in these times of great change, can mean the difference between business success, and failure. Leveraging the right systems, tools and technology, can help support HR best practice, and ensure organisations retain happy, productive teams in the long run.

At Direct Health Solutions, we recommend a seven-item plan for employee relations and case management best practice:

1. Get simple and standardised documentation in place

It is absolutely essential to document and track what’s happening today and to set your company up for success to analyse patterns at a later stage.

2. Align your systems to properly document the new issues

Certain issue categories and actions are essential in the current post pandemic journey. These include, COVID-19 testing status, accommodations, behavioural issues, exposure, leave management, performance, retaliation and discrimination, and grievances.

3. Create new policies or adjust existing ones to support the new operating model

Even if they are just temporary policies and they continue to be revised, it’s important to have a copy of the policy that was in place when an issue was documented.

4. Develop structured letter templates to drive consistency with issues management

Letter templates provide structure of the letters you routinely send to employees, to save time and help to drive consistency and fairness in case management.

5. Put in place a process to capture issues before they become cases

If you’re overwhelmed with the volume of cases you’re working on, think about a documentation process so that you can quickly make notes and convert to a case at a later stage.

6. Training standardisation

Ensure consistency of training across your workforce with templates, tracking, and automated flows.

7. Communication tracking

Using comms tracking, nothing slips through the cracks and cases can be managed as they occur, rather than when they become a bigger problem.

How Direct Health Solutions can help

ERTrack by Direct Health Solutions is a purpose-built employee relations and case management technology, uniquely designed to empower businesses with built-in intelligence, templates and reporting to assist best-practice, fair investigations, identifying trends and patterns, and providing trusted and consistent experiences for employees. ERTrack provides HR with a complete workforce visual, and privacy.

We are offering businesses ERTrack free for three months.

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