Free webinar | Join the pre-employment revolution

On 4th October, 2018 Direct Health Solutions held a webinar on our new approach to on-line pre-employment assessment. 58interested participants attended to discover the advantages of identifying ‘people risks’ early to enhance the health, wellbeing and productivity of their workforce across the employment cycle.

Many of our clients question the value of on-line medical screening, or they are unsure if their existing pre-employment practices are providing any level of risk protection. This webinar explored the value around on-line pre-employments, and delivered the followed key take outs:

  • The predictive value of pre-employment assessments
  • Market evaluation of approaches to medical assessments
  • Strategies to improve the reliability and validity of assessments
  • Program design factors to optimise workforce wellness and productivity

Contact us now if you are interested in obtaining a recording of the webinar, or you wish to discuss your pre-employment challenges.

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