VacTrack at Work - Track who has had the vaccine

With the COVID vaccine rollout underway, it is important to be prepared and develop comprehensive return to work plans and health and safety measures for your staff.

To assist organisations, we have launched VacTrack, our new software module to track who has had the vaccine, and updated our Telehealth Hotline service to meet evolving needs. 

VacTrack at Work - Keep track of who has had the vaccine!

VacTrack at Work will save you time and administration effort. Employees can update their vaccination record and you can run live reports on who has been vaccinated across your entire business.

  • Employee self-serve portal to self-report, or OHS/HR input, with full integration with your HR Employee systems 
  • Update each employee record who’s had the COVID-19 vaccine, including tracking of any future vaccinations/top-ups required
  • Track dates of vaccinations
  • Record proof of employee vaccination
  • Secure storage of any supporting documents
  • Real-time reports to see who has been vaccinated, across all areas/business units
  • Notifications and reminders customised to your requirements
  • Upload your policy and resource documents

To find out more about how to deploy this software, please contact us for further on the link below.

Update to COVID-19 Telehealth & Vaccination Support Hotline

We are adapting our 24x7 COVID-19 Hotline to provide health and vaccination advice and guidelines to employees, and to assist organisations track the impact the vaccine rollout has on operations, absenteeism and health and safety. If you are encouraging your employees to have the vaccine, this is particularly relevant.

Employees will want to know details about the vaccine, may have questions if they have a reaction to a vaccine that impacts their work, or clarification if they should go to work.

COVID-19 Hotline Telehealth Updates

  • Telehealth advice for COVID-19 related queries, tailored to your organisational policies
  • Post vaccination advice for symptoms & monitoring
  • Referral for further advice to our national network of GP’s and Tele-doctors
  • Tracking of absenteeism
  • Advice on where to get vaccinated & handouts/fact sheets and resources to educate and promote the vaccine in your workplace

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